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i feel so uber goth. I got a smiths shirt at hot topic. Why are those scene kids listening to my band. Wait...why was I in that store. Please excuse my while I fall off the face of the planet and indulge in endless seinfeld marathons.

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someday i am going to compose an essay on the irony that is hot topic. and the fact that the children who shop there are completely unaware of said irony.

wait, no i won't. that would require actually doing stuff.

i got seinfeld dvd's for the holidays. also i might just miss you a little. <33

I was going to do that one time but then I remembered that I hate writing almost as much as I hate the store and the only thing more ironic than hot topic itself is composing an essay on something you loathe so deeply...or something.

I got seasons 1&2 and now I'm jonesin for some season 3. That feeling might be reciprocated...just a bit <333

I'm sure your hair is quite cute. It always comes out neat when you do stuff to it.
Hot topic makes me weep.

hahah i went in there and they were playing the smashing pumpkins and I was like okay I'm just going to get me some aviators and peace out. Sob, hair <3

I have aviators, too. Why are you so amazing.

hahaha why am I so late with this? We have matching shades and shirts. Obviously you are equally as amazing.

Er.. you dyed your hair black, TOO?!

Okay, let's discuss the colors of our hair in the past year. Mine has gone from being naturally brownish (hell, I don't even remember what it is naturally anymore... O.O;;).. to a much lighter brown.. to BLONDE.. to RED... to ORANGE (GAH!).. to auburn-ish.. back to brunette ish with red.. and then, by some freak accident, while going for a dark brown color (potentially aiming for my natural color again).. IT WENT TOO DARK AND WENT BLACK ON ME! (sob).

I'd love to see how my hair turns out when I'm 80. If it does turn out.. that is... O.O

haha wow sorry that I'm really late in replying but hey here it goes. Okay so at the beginning of the school year I was feeling very cameron diaz, which is ridiculously weird because I'm definitely not that type of person. I digress, my hair was like uber light blonde and then I decided to dye it darker and it ended up sort of auburn. Then I didn't fuck with it for awhile. Then it started to fade so I dyed it a lot darker adn surprise it turned out black. GOD WE NEED TO TALK<333

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